2018 Summer Wedding Trends

Living in New Mexico, trends seem to get to us a little later than the rest of the world. The cool thing about living in such a different place is that we can get away with doing and having things other places might find a bit unusual. A few examples: green chile on EVERYTHING (yes, even in milkshakes), Luminarias (because regular string lights are overrated), having the BEST sunsets in the world, and of course, Christmas being served year-round. Weddings are no exception. Throughout time we’ve seen different wedding trends emerge in New Mexico. Some come and go, while others stick around for some time. We’ve gathered up some of the best summer trends we have noticed in the wedding scene this summer.

Moody, colorful floral with darker, detailed textures:

Greenery is very versatile for any wedding. It can turn the plain to lavish and be incorporated with almost any color. Lately we’ve seen darker, detailed and textured floral incorporated with greenery.

Images by Taylor'd Photography
Creative menus and place cards:

While paper will always be a part of weddings, we’ve seen parties think outside the box in regards to their menus and place cards. Place cards might be edible while menus might be made of unexpected mediums like the one below.

Image by Jazmine Rubio Photography
Succulents as wedding favors:

Succulents make awesome wedding favors! Not only are they beautiful but they are a gift that keep on giving.

Image by A Couple Of Night Owls via Pinterest


Geometric Shapes:

Incorporating geometric shapes creates a simple yet modern feel. It can add an industrial touch and a very stylish look.

Images by Jazmine Rubio Photography
Floral hair accessories:

Although flowers might be the oldest hair accessory known to mankind, in a lot of places it is not a trend, but a custom. Flowers make for a perfect, delicate statement on any bride.



Images by: Southwest Creative Co. (top left) & Taylor'd Photography (top right)
 @Tonileandra (bottom left) & Sweet Spot Photography (bottom right)
Clever wedding hashtags:

We love seeing people get creative with their hashtags. It is a great way of getting everyone involved in your special day.

Image by Lovers of Love via Pinterest

Considering most of these trends are different but quite subtle, we might see them stick around for a while. Everyone does each style differently in a way to fit their wedding so it is hard for any of these to be easily  repeated. We’re excited to see what other cool trends come our way!

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