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Hello Cakery & Macarons

Vendor Spotlight: Hello Cakery & Macarons

When you think of a “Pinterest worthy” dessert table you think cupcakes, beautiful cakes and macarons. That is exactly how we met Steph with Hello Cakery & Macarons. We had the pleasure of planning a 90th birthday party back in December where she provided the pastries.  The dessert table was breathtaking. That day we learned we’ve been referring to these puffed pastries wrong our whole lives. “Macarons” is the proper way, while we’ve referred to them as “macaroons” all along.

We tried raspberry, hot chocolate, and the most unforgettable— a churro flavored macaron! Okay, I say life changing and I use the term heavily. I’ve never been a fan. I remember being in Paris, at this beautiful little pastry shop that specialized in macarons and let me tell you, I wasn’t very impressed. So when everyone was trying these at the party, I was a skeptic. It wasn’t until I heard someone say “churro macaron” that my mouth started watering. It tasted JUST LIKE A CHURRO. Her macarons do this thing where they sort of melt in your mouth and you can’t really just have one. 

We had the pleasure of interviewing  Steph. This busy mom of 4 runs a fully licensed bakery from home. Dive in to her interview and find out how this talented momma got started in the art of creating these gorgeous pastries!

Vendor Spotlight Interview:

1.       Tell us about yourself!

Hi! I’m a Cruces girl, born and raised. In the past decade I’ve been a youth minister, a professional writer, and most recently a boutique baker! 

I’m also a stay at home/homeschool mom of four kids (well, really only two are school-age right now. The other two just keep me on my toes while we do school!). 

2.       What is a typical day in the life of Steph?

My baking days smell like heaven! On a given day there could be ten dozen macarons, a growing wedding cake, and a rainbow of deliciousness crowding my bakery. I work out of a fully licensed and permitted home bakery, which presents me with both some frustrating limitations, and some amazing flexibility to live the family life on my own terms and foster a personal connection to my clients.

3.       How long have you been in business?

On April 4th, 2020 I’ll celebrate Hello Cakery’s first anniversary!

4.       What services does Hello Cakery & Macarons offer?

Hello Cakery & Macarons creates gorgeous boutique wedding cakes and celebration cakes, as well as macarons, and cupcakes. 

If you have a wedding or special event, Hello Cakery is a one stop shop for show-stopper cakes and dessert tables.

5.       What got you started in the industry?

Friends and family have asked me to create their wedding cakes for years, but what really got me in bakery mode was a finicky, prissy, impossible little pastry: The Macaron. 

There’s a joke among bakers and pastry chefs that macarons have a life of their own — and that once the “macaron gods” finally feel like you’ve paid your dues in blood, sweat, tears, and angrily thrown kitchen towels, they will deign to be made by you with consistency and beauty. 

I could not let myself be defeated by The Macaron! So something like 500 tries later I earned my stripes, and started showing the world my pastel beauties online. When I realized how happy they made people, and paired that with my long-held belief that food is one of the best facilitators of sweet human connection we have, I started Hello Cakery & Macarons!

6.       What do you like to do on your spare time? Hobbies, interests?

Free time means hiking with the family, sharing good food with my large, amazing extended family, and sneaking in quick Marco Polo chats with my best friends around the world. Also a lot of NPR.

7.       What is the most rewarding part of what you do?

Food is a naturally connective force, so it always makes my day to hear stories about how wedding guests caught up over the dessert table, or how a macaron flavor reminded a family of their grandma’s signature dessert and helped them laugh and grieve together when she passed. 

8.       Can you recall a time when you had a chaotic event? If so, how did you get through it?

Laughter is the best medicine, right? I didn’t prepare properly and actually smashed my first really large cake during delivery. The hostess was incredibly gracious as I scrambled to make it right before her event started. I sliced the part that couldn’t be rescued, and used an emergency cake kit to fix the rest.

In the end, everyone had a great cake and no one was the wiser … but there’s a really funny part to that story most people missed: I didn’t realize until I left the venue that when I moved the white chocolate panels (each with a human shape) to reassemble the cake, I set them in a bit of a “personal” position! So embarrassing!

9.       To what do you attribute your success?

The Lord has been so good to me in this venture. I’ve been lifted up by such amazing women and men across various industries. Photographers, other bakers, and networking geniuses have all guided me and encouraged me to hone my skills and always increase the value I offer my clients. 

10.   What sets you apart from others in your area of business?

Working on a smaller scale allows me to basically obsess over each order until it’s a true work of art! I’ve also been artistic since long before I was a baker, which gives my work a special presence and quality.

11.   If someone were wanting to book you for their special day, how far in advance would they have to do it?

Even if you’re down to the wire, it’s always worth asking about my availability! I’m very quick to respond. But for a large order your best bet is to reach out to me with at least 3-4 months notice. 

12.   What trends do you foresee this upcoming wedding season?

Macaron towers! They add height and a real visual “pop” that can be customized to any color palette or flavor preference.

13.   What has been your most “out of the box” request?

Besides my unintentionally obscene disaster cake?! Probably Star Wars Macarons. But I fell in love with them. Please, someone: Plan a Star Wars wedding!

14.  Any tips and/or advice you would give to a couple when in search of a bakery for their special day?

Don’t settle for OK frosting. If you taste a baker’s frosting and feel compelled to pile it to the side while you take a second bite, they’re probably not using the best frosting. You and your guests deserve to enjoy every single bite.


Steph has quickly become one of our favorites in the area and we wish her a year full of success, love, and creative endeavors!

Find out more about Steph and Hello Cakery & Macarons at

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