Vendor Spotlight

Vendor Spotlight: Brides ‘N’ Baubles

This month we’d like to highlight our sister company, Brides ‘N’ Baubles. With only a few months in business, it is definitely taking off. Bride gifts, bridesmaid proposal boxes, customized shirts, hangers, wine glasses, tumblers.. anything cute and bridal related, Brides ‘N’ Baubles can customize it!

Roxanne Kidd decided to start this business by popular request. Considering we already offer wedding gowns, tuxedos, event planning/coordination, rentals, alterations, invitations, the list goes on… why not add a bridal gift source to our repertoire?

Below are just a few of the gift options they offer:

Cosmetic Bags
Bride Sashes
Stemless champagne flutes
Bridal boxes
Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes
Wedding dress hangers and customized robes
His and Hers tees

Price List:

Any questions on on special orders or gift box pricing feel free to shoot them an email: or give them a call at (575) 521-0872.

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