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Vendor Spotlight: Gourmet Table Catering

“Different” seems to be an ongoing trend for all to-be-weds and food is no exception. What makes an event stand out is the experience your guests receive. They might not remember the font that was used on your invitations. However, they will definitely remember what they had to eat!

When it comes to catering, Gourmet Table Catering is an experience to be had. Can you name another catering business in the area that let’s you cook your own food? Didn’t think so. Great thing is: no one to blame if you don’t like the food but yourself. Our first GTC experience was SO GOOD and so filling. A delicious brunch that consisted of: bread from RISE with pumpkin honey butter, a fruit and yogurt parfait, an omelet, and french toast. The portions were very satisfying and the instructions were so easy to follow that even your worst cook can’t mess this up!

Get to know our favorite catering duo below.


1.       Tell us about yourself!

I (Jamie) was born and raised here in Las Cruces and Matt was born in Georgia and raised in Indiana. I graduated from NMSU with a degree in Fashion and Matt was in the Air Force for 12 years as an F16 mechanic. We have been together for 4 and 1/2 years and married for 5 months. We are fur parents of our two rescue dogs Ollie and Ellie and would love to have more if we had the space or time. 

2.       What is a typical day in the life of Jamie and Matt?

Morning always starts with a couple cups of coffee, we will get some work done for either GTC or our other jobs. Evenings are dinner together, usually I cook and Matt is a great su chef. While we eat dinner we love to watch Jeopardy and try to answer as many questions possible. Then hang out with the dogs, watch the food network or get extra stuff done for the business!

3.       What do you guys like to do on your spare time? Hobbies, interests?

Spare time isn’t something we have much of these days! I personally love to roam the aisles of Target or thrift stores and Matt tags along. We love to try new recipes at home and spend some quality time together since life can be crazy sometimes. 

4.       If money were no object, what would you do with your life?

We would travel a lot more, buy land and rescue tons of dogs in need of homes and most importantly use it to really grow the business to hopefully achieve our biggest goals for it. 

5.       What got you started in the industry?

When we got engaged we were trying to pick a caterer for our wedding but nothing was really exciting us. We wanted something delicious but different and fun. With my family we would do what we called “gourmet” and cook dinner in front of ourselves and thought how could we do this for our wedding but still have centerpieces. So GTC was born and our first large event was our very own wedding!

6.       How long have you been in business?

We have been in business for 5 months

7. What services does Gourmet Table Catering offer?

We offer catering for both small and large events

8.       What is the most rewarding part of what you do?

Seeing everyone experience us for the first time and have fun creating their own meal with friends and loved ones!

9.       Can you recall a time when you had a chaotic event? If so, how did you get through it?

Probably our own wedding! Trying to make sure everything was ready to go and work smoothly without us to over see the dinner was definitely stressful. Everything went great that day and now other events seem much easier since we can be hands on the whole time. 

10.       To what do you attribute your success?

So many things! We have so many friends and family that have supported and helped our business grow so quickly. Las Cruces has a great community of creatives that have allowed us to collaborate with. Most importantly probably my mom, she has always supported my ideas and helped us in any way possible to start and grow the business. 

12.   If someone were wanting to book you for their special day, how far in advance would they have to do it?

If the date and time you are looking for is available we would recommend at least a week or two in advance! 

13.   What trends do you foresee this upcoming wedding season?

I think couples are wanting things that are different then the same old same old wedding stuff! With social media being largely the influencer in trends I think people are looking for something that sets them apart in any aspect of the wedding.

14.  Any tips and/or advice you would give to a couple when in search of catering for their special day?

Make sure it’s worth it! Catering can be a large cost and is a big part of the wedding too. So make sure you try it and that you like it! 

Jamie and Matt. Picture by: Southwest Creative Co.
Picture by: Jazmine Rubio Photography
Picture by: Jazmine Rubio Photagaphy
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