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Wedding Dress Shopping: Why Buying Local Matters

So he popped the question, you have a million thoughts going through your mind and are wondering where to start? Best case scenario you live in a city that has a local bridal boutique to go for help, or live near one. Depending on the services they offer, most bridal boutiques will provide you with a wedding planning checklist so you have a clear idea of where to start. You can can start looking for a wedding gown as soon as you prefer, but the general rule of thumb is to start researching about a 12 months before the big day and then making the final purchase 8-10 months ahead of time. This gives you enough time to get a dress made if it needs to be re-ordered, alterations, and any other details that need to be made. With that being said, how important is knowing where you choose to buy your dress?  Considering your wedding day will be one of the greatest days of your life, we think it is {VERY} important. Your nail tech is local, your hairdresser is local, so when it comes to one of the most emotionally invested decisions of your life, why not choose a dependable source? We’ve gathered some advantages of shopping local from word of mouth experiences.

  1. The process of buying a wedding gown takes multiple visits. Wedding dress shopping is rarely a one time stop. Sometimes it takes more than one visit and several try-ons to make the final decision. It is nice to have the flexibility of popping in and out as you please. A lot of times we get brides that go out-of-town to shop for their dress and by the time they make their purchase, they have exceeded their budget from all the back and forth traveling they do.
  2. It is easier to build relationships with the bridal boutique consultants and their seamstress. When you choose to be one of our brides, you become part of our family. We know you by name, we know exactly where your gown is, and we are informed of all the details. If you’re looking for a more personal and comfortable experience, local is where it’s at.
  3. The experience of trying on dresses. One of the more special components of trying on gowns is having your loved ones with you. Most places have no specific limit to how big your entourage can be but we like to advice to pick those whose opinion you truly respect in order to make your experience that much more enjoyable. Some bridal parties want the movie “champagne experience.” Although most places cannot provide it because of liquor license regulations, some places are open to you bringing your own. Of course you should call ahead to find out and respect the rules the shop has regarding bringing celebratory drinks around their gowns. Nevertheless, there is something special about being able to see and feel the gowns when searching for “the one.”
  4. Local boutiques are more open to bundle discounts. We can’t speak for all places, but when you become a Renee’s Bride, your bridal party gets a discount on bridesmaid dresses (exclusion may apply).
  5. You can count on professional measurements. We cannot stress enough how important it is to be measured correctly. If you are spending $1,500 on a wedding gown, correct measurements are of the essence to ensure minimal alterations. Minimal alterations equal less money being spent. Too many times we’ve seen brides get measured incorrectly and will come to us with a dress that is a couple to sizes too big or too small and end up spending hundreds of dollars on a simple mistake that could have been avoided if they had been measured correctly.
  6. In-house seamstress. Local shops usually have their own personal seamstress. Let me tell you, that is IMPORTANT. Wedding alterations are completely different from anything else. It can range from only needing a shorter hem, taking in the sides, to completely rectifying previous alterations done elsewhere. In-house seamstresses are familiar with the designers that the boutique carries and know how to work with them.
  7. You’re helping strengthen local economy. When you support local shops, you are supporting family owned businesses that have been running for generations or you are helping an independent entrepreneur live out their dream. When you choose to shop local, you are referred to all of our trusted, local wedding vendors which include: photographers, venues, makeup/hair stylists, bakeries, calligraphers, floral… The list goes on.

When it comes to choosing the wedding dress of your dreams, the last thing you might think of is where you’re buying your dress. If you have options around you, we encourage brides to check them all out. A lot of times brides assumes small boutiques are more pricey and later realize we can get a dress they liked elsewhere at a lower price. Local shops offer a personal experience and will treat you like family because your business truly matters to us. Most importantly they will be with you every step of the way to ensure you look fabulous on your special day.


Photography: Brittany Miller Photography



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