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What’s New: Changes You Can Expect With Our Rebranding

Hello all! Now that many of you have had come to visit us, you’ve had the chance to experience our awesome new store! Click here for the details on the transition. That is not to say we’ve changed owners and staff. You’ll still walk in to find the same smiling faces greeting you. However, we are changing the way we do a few things. Don’t worry, it’s nothing too crazy! Most importantly, we’re doing this for the benefit of our customers.

We’ve combined two businesses

The main reason for our transition goes as follows:  We want to create a cohesive brand that alleviates any confusion for our future customers, making this a seamless process for all. You need a dress, invitations, alterations, wedding planner, linen rentals, day of coordination/decorating? We’ve got you covered.

We are now operating strictly “By Appointment” only

We want to make sure we give our brides the absolute best treatment we can give them. This way, you’ll have our undivided attention. Our number is still the same so feel free to give us a call OR you can book directly through Facebook. You’ll receive a confirmation call the day prior to your appointment. Once you arrive to your appointment you’ll be introduced to your stylist and she will give you the run around. You’ll get to browse our selection and choose dresses of your liking (we recommend to start with 5) by pinning clothespins that we’ll provide to you. Once you’ve made your selections, your stylist will then collect the dresses for you and place them in your bridal suite.

Privacy guaranteed

We now have private bridal suites for our brides-to-be to try on their gowns. For a greater wow factor, only you and your stylist will be allowed in the suite as they assist you in getting in and out of the gowns. Your attendees will have a separate area in which they will wait for you to make your grand reveal.

Third time’s the charm (we hope)

Furthermore, we understand that wedding dress shopping can be more stressful for some brides than it is for others. We definitely encourage taking your time finding the perfect gown. If you don’t find the one during your first visit, we can set up a followup appointment. Still not convinced? We can even do a third. After your third appointment we will require a small deposit that will go towards the dress you decide on. Since we’re now operating by appointment only, slots are filling up quickly and we want to make sure we make time for all of our first time try-ons.

Event coordinating and invitation consultations

Congratulations! You’ve found “the one.” Now it’s time to get going on event coordinating and/or invitation services. There is no charge for consultations, you simply schedule an appointment and one of our experienced event coordinators will be here to assist you!

Tuxedo rentals are no more

Due to rising cost of tuxedo rentals, we only offer suits and tuxedos for purchase. Although we do not have suits available for try-ons, we measure you professionally to ensure the best possible fit. We have a catalog available for you in-store in which you can browse all of our options.

Quinceañera stock will no longer be available

Quince dresses are huge! As part of our transition, we will no longer have them available in-store. Our new showroom can longer accommodate them. However, we have catalogs for our quince girls available in-store for them to browse. You can also count on our staff to assist you in searching for the perfect dress.

To sum up, we want to keep things clear and simple. Subsequently, this means downsizing on services so that we can focus on what we do best. We’d like to thank our community for the constant support. We look forward to serving Las Cruces and surrounding areas for years to come!

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