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Why Shopping Local Matters Now More Than Ever

If you’re from a small town, the term “shop local” might resonate with you on a higher level- you’re bound to know someone who owns a small business in your community or even you, yourself live the entrepreneurial dream. We are blessed to live in Las Cruces where we can go to our local co-op for groceries, take Saturday strolls at the Farmer’s Market, and follow it all up by a beer or cocktail  and some apps on the patio of your favorite bar or restaurant. Although you know to shop local, why exactly should we do it? Now more than ever we’re seen the impact the current global situation has had on our local businesses. The benefits are endless but for the sake of keeping it short and sweet, we’ve listed a few of the top reasons why you should keep it local. 

More money stays in the community

Now we are not economics majors around here, and we’ll probably keep it that way- but the numbers are solemnly a small interpretation of the benefits. Shopping local returns 3 times more to its local economy than compared to shopping at a chain store. Shopping local recirculates those dollars spent back in to your community in the form of payroll, goods/services purchased from other local businesses, charitable local donations, and so much more. Business owners and their employees are more likely to spend their profits locally, creating a multiplier effect. Click here for more information.

Creation of local jobs

When you shop local you help create and keep local jobs. Everyone like earning money right? Well when you shop small, businesses can bring on more employees as they grow, and that’s a good thing for everyone. Plain and simple.

Make your city a destination

As a community, we love to brag about all of our local gems. The first place you take a person that’s never been to Las Cruces is the Farmer’s Market. LCFM is the gateway drug of all small businesses in the area. Once you get a taste of shopping local first hand you’ll want to know what else is out there. Not to mention, we have an ever growing variety of businesses in the downtown area. When you spend your money locally, you help maintain the quaintness of your community and allow the businesses you support to expand their product offerings and services. There are so many activities to explore that local businesses offer including sip and paint nights, pop-up shopping experiences, live entertainment, artistic workshops- should we keep going?? There are a wealth of local places to eat, drink, and shop and people love Las Cruces/Mesilla for the culture.


There are many community youth activities that need funding and local sports teams are just one of them. Local businesses are the first ones to donate to your child’s soccer team or school trip. Yet another way your dollar spent recirculates back in to your community. Moreover, small businesses are the first to step up when their community is in need, and will help wherever they can whether you know it’s them or not.

Shopping Variety

It’s no surprise that the realm of online shopping has taken over the internet. I mean how can you resist the free two day shipping that Amazon offers? But before you hit that “order” button, did you check to see if it’s offered locally first?  We know what it’s like to be in a specialty industry where many people think that they will never find what they’re looking for in little ‘ole Las Cruces, but we have A LOT of resources at our fingertips to get what you’re looking for, and many of the small businesses here can do the same. You just have to ask!  If we don’t support our local brick and mortar stores, the internet and corporate giants will suck the life out of entrepreneurs and the shops and eateries you love so dear will no longer exist. It’s a scary thought if you ask us…  

So what have we learned? 

I think you get the point, at least we hope so, as to how important it is now and always to keep your dollars in your community.  It’s a win-win for everyone! We know not everything can be bought locally for one reason or another, but if you make a conscience effort to steer away from shopping the big box companies and focus on the little guys, the people in your community will be thankful in so many more ways than you could image.

Although our current global situation is out of our control, we can still be mindful of our shopping habits. By ordering takeout from your local restaurants and shopping at local grocery stores, you’re helping the cause. In addition, most places offer gift certificates. Help the businesses around you when they need it the most. Then when you’re ready to go out and about, you’re all paid up and you can cash that baby in! Many local eateries have modified their process to offer deliver or curbside services including our neighbors. Yeah! Dry Point Distillers is offering curbside service for their tasty spirits- YAS QUEEN! (Just make sure to call ahead first to make sure someone is there)  Here’s also a collection restaurants who offer curbside options in Cruces. Las Cruces Curbside Food and Restaurants

Just remember be compassionate, be kind, be a good human. Shop Local.  

XOXO- Rox, Kayla, Adriana, Lucy, Kylie, Katie (and Dre too)

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